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Welcome to Positron™ 


Positron™ is the leading choice in terms of reliability concerning web hosting and designing safe websites. We offer a multitude of feature packages, so no matter the size of your bussiness, there is always something here for you. At the same time, we will always create your preffered website with the latest and most updated techniques in the market.

Possesing over 20 years of quality service, we are able to fulfill all your virtual needs,  securely, reliably and always at the most affordable prices. We are always here for you, offering our services with your security and support in mind.

Knowing that your online presence is crucial for the success of either you or your clients, be it company website or e-shop, we are always here to support you through, either our 10 hour LIVE support team, or our 24/7 Claim support team. (SMS,E-mail,Support Ticket)

We recommend you take a look at our services to find the package that suits your needs.



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